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in that there are republicans who are saying that the administration should re-examine how much is allocated in the defense budget because of the situation in ukraine. and has the administration given any consideration to that? first i would start with -- i'll do it from a defense budget perspective, and jay can handle beyond. i think it's important to reflect that there is an agreement, a ryan-murray agreement that set the levels for 15. in the president's budget that you see proposed today, you see the president suggesting that the 050 account, which is defense, department plus other things that do national security, the opportunity growth and security initiative suggest that is we believe a better place would be to have an additional $28 billion. that's fully paid for. fully paid for. we would make choice abouts offsets that have to do with closing tax loopholes. we believe that's a choice we should make. i also point reflect in all the outdoors of the budget, the president's budget has higher levels of defense spending than those that are current law and those that have been supported. that is what i t
ukrainians like lab rats and insisting russian troops in crimea wearing unmarked uniforms are local defense forces. what happens now is anyone's guess. >> man, what's going on? ♪ >> the first shots fired today, luckily just warning shots as an extraordinary moment unfolded in crimea this morning when troops led by their colonel decided to march to the airfield they used to man until the russians arrived last week. there, unarmed, singing the ukraine national anthem, they confronted the russian soldiers. >> the standoff lasted five hours. russian snipers at the ready. finally, the ukrainians backed down. >> the standoff lasted five hours. russian snipers at the ready. finally, the ukrainians backed down. >> reporter: the order is given. return to barracks. great dignity and showing great military discipline, they decided enough is enough and march off back to their base. >> the standoff was an incredible scene in itself, but it also revealed how quickly geopolitical stakes are escalated in this crisis. listen to this moment, again, as ukrainian troops marched toward the russians. "america
, defense officials confirm russia tested an intercontinental ballistic missile today, but they insisted the event was not unexpected and russia did notify the u.s. and in kiev, secretary of state john kerry talked more about dollars than weapons. chief washington correspondent james rosen is traveling with the secretary tonight. >> mobbed by ordinary ukrainians in kiev's midawn square, where 67 protesters died in the clashes that toppled the country's pro-russian president from power last month and where the air is still thick with the smell of smoke, burning rubber, and heartbreak. secretary of state john kerry promised that the u.s. will help the struggling eastern european nation in its bid to break free of kremlin influence and align itself with the west. later in meetings with interim government leaders and lawmakers in ukraine's parliament, kerry promised a billion dollar loan guarantee designed to ease the sting of energy costs. officials traveling with kerry had voiced concern that russian president vladimir putin who last week sent tens of thousands of forces may be preparing f
. senator marco rubio mentioned a missile defense shield in eastern europe, but he wouldn't go any further than that. >> if you're asking me whether the u.s. should be taking military strikes against russian troops in ukraine or crimea, i would argue to you i don't think anyone is advocating for that. >> the obama administration is doing what it can to try to isolate moscow on the international stage. the u.s. and six other members of the g8 suspended a meeting to be held in june. members are likely to seek mediation. they're not crazy about economic sangs that might risk billions in trade between the e. urchlts and russia. one by one, the world leaders, the pope have come out urging restraint, but russia is forging ahead. this morning, foreign minister sergey lavrov insisted his government is acting in its own defense. here's nbc's jim maceda who has more from moscow. >> reporter: putin now has his hand on the russian crown jewel. crimea gives putin an essential warm water port, and it counters in his mind the nightmare scenario. that's what he sees as an ultranationalist government sudde
cost of providing health care in this country because of defensive medicine and expanding opportunities that people have through tax policy to get their own insurance, tax credits to allow them to have their own insurance policies. so the whole range of good republican ideas out there, but we don't get a chance to get those considered today because in the united states senate at least, democrats blocked those initiatives. you have a president and white house for whom this is his signature initiative. he will certainly veto anything we send him. jenna: you don't get to tell the dealer which cards to give you. you have to just play them, right, senator? that is what you're facing and focus is the election later this year and we'll certainly talk a lot about that. senator, great to have you back on the program as always. thank you so much. >> thanks, jenna. jon: have you heard this? there is a new pitch to make baseball's opening day a national holiday. who is behind it? will it fly? do you like the idea? we're live with that story. jon: a novel pitched to congress about america's pastime.
and killing her. the issue, was it murder? did he intend to kill her? >> his defense is it was a mistake and a reasonable person could have made the same mistake. fair enough but that's a tough defense. >> reporter: pistorius says he's kept a gun under his bed for security. he's always maintained it was all a tragic dent. the prosecution argues the shooting was deliberate. >> considering that oscar pistorius shot his own girlfriend in his own home multiple times, you would think it might be a victory for them if the judge only convicts him of the lesser crime of culpable homicide meaning it was a negligent shooting. >> reporter: well his defense team is leaving no stone your honor turned hiring a company that reproduces crime scenes and dr. henry lee who gave evidence during the o.j. simpson trial. the oscar pistorius trial is expected to last up to six weeks. most of it will be televised. dan and bianna. >> of course, the world will be watching. >>> on a lighter note we turn 0 our countdown to oscar sunday just one day away from hollywood's biggest night and the excitement is building,
. they quoted her book to seek truth for justice in their closing. this he decided that her defense sounded like something they should understand. >> when you say she was driving erratically. she was driving a lexus suv and swerved in front of a tractor-trailer, right? >> and there was a crash but no w one was hurt. this is a critical issue. this is an interesting defense. this kind of drug has what you called an amnesia effect. this jury believed her expert. they did not believe, necessarily, what the prosecutor's expert was trying to primulgate. on this particular drug, she wouldn't have been aware she was driving erratically. >> you talked to kerry kennedy in the courtroom. what did they say? >> i was just in the courtroom when that verdict rank out. the jury deliberated about it, an hour and 10 minutes. i asked kerry kennedy, has this experience changed you at all. because this could be life changing in one way or another. she was a defendant in a courtroom. that has never happened before. she said, it really hasn't. she said she is not angry at all. she is just so grateful for the jury, gra
fought together. >> it became clear that neither side was willing to fight. when self-defense units arrived the ukrainians fell in and march off. their point made. the overnight deadlines passed with no sign of the military storm that had been threatened. moscow denied there was ever a deadline. in the port city, this soldier said none of his team would vow allegiance to new government. >> defiance even though the base is surrounded by troops. is just 4 1/2 kilometers away across the stretch of water. another stand off of sorts, flanked by russian watching their every movement. >> they were quiet, some voluntary security staff guard the parliament, but there's no sign of the men who have been here the day before. >> one country appears to hold the key to any solution, germany. yeah, as you know, germany is an economic power house. and officials are now convinced that german chancellor is best positioned to convince the president to back down. it was german chancellor who offered inside the sweep to president obama on the thinking of russian sha's president reportedly saying that vla
to the president's new defense budget proposal. we're looking at possibly the fewest troops since before world war ii. and a higher reliance on machines and unmanned drones. our rich edson has the latest breakdown from d.c. how does it break down, rich? >> well it depend on what you're looking at in the aspect of this. when you talk about fewer troops in the field, you look at support that goes behind that. a lot of manned vehicles especially on the ground analysts pointing to perhaps some vehicles produced by oshkosh, general dynamics, bae systems. they're retiring specifics, u-2 spy-plane, classic from the cold war is retired. maintenance cost will go away from companies. literal combat shift. they scaled back that one. hits lockheed martin and general dynamics. two unmanned drones, predator and reaper, that is built by general atomics. that will be scaled back. specific programs here and anything used to support troops will get hit in this budget. melissa: who else gets hurt? >> well that is pretty much it from that perspective, especially when you scale that down. as far as the winners are con
these self-defense forces. who are they kidding? russian soldiers with no unit identification does not qualify them as self-defense forces. if the world stands by and let's this happen it will be like chamberlain in the sudan land, russia continues to gobble up sovereign state. i want to applaud the ukrainian commander who was the only calm when he e peninsula, marched his soldiers to the airbase to continue the job that they do in securing and fixing the facilities. it was a tough standoff, but the colonel was astonished by the change of events in that the -- in that he's had such a great working relationship with the russian military over the years, and obviously this relationship no longer resides in the relationship between ukraine and russia. on september 4-5 of this year the next nato summit will be held in south wales. i call on what they should have done in the last summit. nato must offer membership action plan to those aspirational countries those that are moving toward democracy, freedom and rule of law. they need to grant membership action plans to ukraine, georgia and
. >> reporter: pistorius claims he thought an intruder was in the home, said he acted in self-defense. abc's "20/20" built a replica of the crime scene to examine crucial evidence at the scene. >> prosecutors say what were two cell phones doing there? >> it would imply an argument. >> she just got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and somehow brought two cell phones with her to leave outside the toilet? they say it doesn't make any sense at all. >> reporter: the trial is set down for three weeks, but the prosecutors alone are calling more thundr witnesses, so it's expected to run much longer. right up until the moments before this trial, prosecutors had been waiting on hel unlock crucial data encrypted on pistorius'e. they now have that and say they're confident of securing a guilty verdict. david. >> hamish macdonald on the s hamish, thank you. eton all e o difference hours make. e plasti the giant ake. oscar statue. as we mentioned a moment umbrellas till handy but hopefully though weather surprises. and lara spencer is there for us. take it away. >> reporter: good evening,
on how much pressure should be put on russia. >> you could say it is time to put that missile defense shield back in the czech republic. >> too late. >> initial negotiations to make ukraine part of nato as well as other surrounding nations that want to be part of nato and russia saying you're getting too close to our borders, let's be honest. and the president of the united states would have to admit that. even secretary of state john kerry acquiesced to this notion. the mind set of set and reset a relationship has failed. the mind-set of putin, somebody hei] thought he for every day they stay in the crimea, add to their suspension. do something. >> and flood ukraine with economic aid and start pulling them away from russian natural gas and let you start selling our natural gatt at a price in which they can deal with that helps that economy stand on its own. >> one of the problems is if europe were to try to extract some pain from mr. putin, all those pipelines run across the ukraine -- i think there are about 10 or 11 of them, all putin would have to do is turn off the seven that go
. as putin told german chancellor angela merkel yesterday, it's more about self-defense. this new pro western ukrainian government in kiev poses an existential threat to his and russia's interest in ukraine and that means primarily, crimea. why? crimea gives them an essential warm water port, it gives them a base for the black sea fleet. so putin's nightmare sees this canceling russia's lease on the black sea fleet base and taking over cry meimea and bringing th enemy up to russia's border. for him, it's a double whammy. in terms of clearing russian forces or pushing them back, neither the u.s. nor nato are contemplating a military action and talking about ukraine's military quite quickly, it's the second largest european military apparently. it's too weak. it's certainly too low tech to take russia on. even russia's second echelon sailors that we've seen roaming around crimea for the last two or three days. russia's control of crimea is open ended. >>> we move on to china now. a mass stabbing over the weekend has left the nation shocked and looking for answers. on saturday night a group of t
and a trained lawyer, too. the defense claims the killing was a tragic mistake. pistorius thought steenkamp was an intruder in the home. but in court today, a neighbor described hearing blood-curdling screams from a woman, then a series of gun shots in the early hours of valentine's day last year. >> just before the gunshots, it was blood-curdling. it was something that leaves you cold. >> reporter: prosecutors now hope to portray oscar pistorius as gun-happy and reckless. this is just the first step for oscar pistorius, in what will be a long and drawn-out trial. day one is over. but there are so many more to go. proceedings will last at least three weeks. pistorius faces a possible life sentence. hamish macdonald, abc news, pretoria, south africa. >>> and on "world news" next tonight, "real money." from the car in your driveway, to your own back yard. how families are earning thousands of dollars uncovering untapped resources in their own home. and you can do it, too, when we're back in two minutes. [ male announcer ] this is joe woods' first day of work. and his new boss told him two thi
. but look at defense? senior managers can be fired now and things are being handled. these employees should be held accountable for performance. >> the person that leaked this audio, was that person fired? >> that was a marine that said i will do this to my fellow veterans. he was forced to accept a payoff and was fired for blowing the whistle. >> we will stay on this, pete. pete hegseth prom from washington. >>> this is caught on camera all too often. >> large tornado right there. >> powerful. but can they be stopped? one plan has a plan to stop these twisters in their tracks >> and better than winning the lottery. how a couple struck gold in the ground. right there. and lots of it. >> didn't need a pix or ax even. nicely done. people join angie's list for all kinds of reasons. i go to angie's list to gauge whether or not the projects will be done in a timely fashion and within budget. angie's list members can tell you which provider is the best in town. you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare. now that we're expecting, i like the fact i can go onto angie's list a
. >> the struggle bruised his rest. what he did fight off the attempted robert successful it's not a defense the salmon te'o county sheriff's department recommends. >> we advise people if you're in this situation to not fight the back. listen to what they're trying to tell you to do because the most important thing is a property can be replaced but you cannot. down without taking any st of the suspects left the store in a white pickup truck. they have not caught the suspect only described as white 62 with a bit is to build three >> if you want to see more of the video and share with your friends we've posted the entire incident on our web site. you can get the full the video on kron4.com 3 >> coming up for taking you to alaska to show you the dogs to show the dog race. slothful to act as a live look outside. san francisco were you can see traffic moving smoothly. the pavement starting to dry out. we should have the world famous iditarod starts today in anchorage alaska. and this year's race will test even the most prepared competitors. given a reports of their ground, open water and a sketch
watch it in glimmering lake? yep. here, too. what about the dark castle? you call that defense?! come on! [ female announcer ] watch live tv anywhere. the x1 entertainment operating system, only from xfinity. >>> go around the world now starting in turkey where opponents of the prime minister are staging mass demonstrations. we have more. >> reporter: we just saw riot police moving towards the location where people are gathering. this round of demonstrations parked after wiretaps were leaked. the discussions centering around how to move and hide vast amounts of money. the prime minister saying that these tapes were immorally educated together. turkey a key nato ally once again finds itself in political turmoil. >> and to india now where officials are on the hunt for a leopard that has evaded capture even after being cornered inside a hospital. >> reporter: up and dopandemoni busy city just 40 miles north of new delhi. a leopard wandered through the hospital and remained there for ten hours. they fired tranquilizing darts, but still it managed to jump out of a concrete scene. schools and
on the situation. scare of state john kerry says he is in direct contact with russia's foreign minister. defense secretary chuck hagel is taking a very different tact. warning them to stay out of the ukraine. >> for more on this, we have a contributing editor at atlantic media. talk about a confusing situation. it feels like a very critical moment in what direction this crisis is going to go. you have two airports where they have armed gunmen, you have the ukrainian government saying it's an armed invasion by russia. what do you think this tells us? >> russia suffered a big defeat with this revolution of viktor yanukovych. i think what putin is trying to do is send a message that ukraine cannot be anti-russian. one of the leverages they have is the area of crimea. it used to be part of russia, not part of the ukraine. maybe half the people in the crimea are ethnically russian. so by stirring up some kind of secession sentiment there, it's a way of sending a message to the capitol kiev, if you go too far, we're going to stir up a movement that's going to cause you a lot of problems. >> do you thi
the day and reestablish the standards because people in government and the state department and defense department pay attention to what voters know. voters go see movies and read books. as we understand more about the story, i believe the answer simple. there is no passage of time that changes the character of theft. if we can determine a work of art is stolen, it shouldn't matter it took 60 years to find it out. it should be returned. >> host: if you cannot get through on the phone lines, contact us on twitter #booktv is the tag. and from our facebook page is this question: while we all agree stolen art should be returned. how fast back in history should we go? the peacock throne returned to india? also how do you how do you respond to the argument that taking the rosetta stone protected it from local thieves or neglect. >> guest: that is a great question. it is slippery slope when we go back before world war ii. we can be proud of the works of art here have been donated or acquired through funds donated to the national gallery. there is no art that is coming in as a result of the un
investigation. >>> new overnight this according to the south korea defense ministry. the short range missiles are believed to be scud missiles. the missiles flew about 300 miles which means they are capable of hitting south korea or japan. this is the second launch in more than a week. >> learner testified this week. chairman ice saw says yes. >> her attorney indicates she will testify. it has been a back and fourth they go ya negotiation. the evident gath -- >> not so fast after her appearance on sunday the former irs official has not waived her right to testify. the house committee spokesperson responded with this ", bill taylor ms. learner's attorney says she is willing to testify and is requesting a one-week delay for the public hearing. we have informed ms. learner she may make the request for a delay when she comes to the hearing. the hearing is scheduled for wednesday. >> looking to sell off as this crisis in ukraine is escalating. loren simonetti joins us with more. >> the olympics are over but the russian war games are still on. the president declaring a right. the dow off nearly 100
byrd bennett as an idle threat and union leaders are preparing a defense. >>the new leadership of ukraine is accusing russia of declaring war. an estimated six thousand russian troops effectively seized control of ukraine's crimean peninsula over the weekend. crimea is on the black sea, a major shipping lane for russian crude oil. the russians have surrounded three ukrainian military bases, and demanded that the soldiers inside surrender. russia's actions have sparked official condemnation from around the world, and protests among ukrainian americans. >> there will the cost to the economy of russia and to russian businesses and to russian individuals. ultimately i think russia will isolate itself on a global stage that had just spent $60 billion for the olympics to try to present a different face. >> the g-8 summit, scheduled in russia this summer, has been suspended in protest. chicago's local ukrainian community is calling on the united nations to take action against russia, before an armed senator durbin told a gathering of local ukrainians, a military response isn't current
and the united states and allies are weighing sanctions and whether to benefit up defenses this europe. russia's stock market jumps 10 percent and the valve the currency is at a low against the dollar and the euro and the internet monitoring age says it has blocked a dozen pages linked to the ukraine protest movement that helped the country out of the -- ous testimony washington, dc, has declared a snow emergency. schools and federal offices are closed and cities along the path spent the weekend preparing. >> ice is detrimental to our electric system. we have increased crews stationed throughout the entire service area. >> according to www. www.flightaware2,000 flights have been canceled. >> residents facing clean up after they returned home when ordered were lifted with plenty of mud and debris in the neighbors and there was a major wildfire in january and much of the concern is over. >> do we have any more conditions if wet weather? it is looking like we are not out of the woods. >> i don't think i will need the umbrella right here. at mid-day i will have it next to me. this morning i am dea
with ukraine too. >> reporter: yet not all russians agreed. a small protest outside the defense ministry resulted in about 40 arrests yesterday. >> ( translated ): we don't want the war to begin between our country and ukraine, which we consider to be our brotherly government, because of imperial ambitions of russian ruling elites. >> reporter: global markets also reacted nervously, nowhere more so than in russia. >> ( translated ): we see a broad steady fall across all assets, which only confirms that macroeconomic factors do not matter here, or an isolated story in some one asset class. the whole market just gave way, it rapidly went down. >> reporter: the main russian stock exchange was down 11% on the day, and the ruble traded at its lowest rate ever versus the dollar and euro >> ifill: we'll have much more on ukraine, including some of this afternoon's u.n. security council debate and an interview with a top white house advisor, right after the news summary the situation in ukraine shook up wall street. the dow jones industrial average lost 153 points to close at 16,168. the nasdaq
defense secretary donald rumsfeld is talking. he blames america's lack of leadership for inability around the globe. >> yesterday it was syria today it is the ukraine tomorrow it coul republican of georgia, skd be central asia, iran, north korea. at this stage the near term options are few. it seems to me the problem is bigger and critically important. that is america's weakness. the u.s. is in a way that tells the world we are in decline and we are in withdraw. we have created a leadership doctrine of the world with people out our values or our interests to the detriment of the united states and friends and allies around the world. it is the united states that dejected that instability into the world equation. >> senator lindsay graham also appearing on the record. it is clear vladmir putin does not take him seriously. >> come to the conclusion after benghazi, after syria, after egypt, after everything that obama has been engaged in he's a weak and decisive leader. i think put tin believes he is going to grab the creme yaw and push back. he sees president obama as a weak character. you d
that no one knew him previously. his identity is an important issue for the defense. >> what the defense has found in this case is that there is another individual who is currently held in began taguanty by the united states with a name similar in parts if not identical to my client's. >> abu ghaith is the highest ranking al qaeda figure to face trial on u.s. soil since the 9/11 attacks. >>> prosecutors call themselves satisfied with the start of the murder trial of oscar pistorius. pistorius pleaded not guilty to murdering his girlfriend, reeva steenka steenkamp, and to other gun-related charges. on the stand yesterday, a prosecution witness recalled hearing what she called the blood-curdling screams of a woman before four gunshots on the morning steenkamp was killed. pistorius's attorney contends the screaming may have been pistorius screaming for help after he realized he shot scene camp. >>> a minnesota couple died from apparent carbon monoxide poisoning inside their home. the two daughters were found alive in their house. they're being treated at the hospital. the wife mentioned on face
and prosecutorial stories that continue to appear in the press. so -- >> not playing defense and circling the west. they're not -- >> they're good guys and working hard, but they're human beings, too. and this is the distraction. and the snowden events and they've got to focus, they've got to focus on the mission. >> is the nsa now, i mean, obviously, there are going there be some changes coming forth. they will be doing a little bit less or doing things differently. are they logging fewer calls and are they already because of the snowden situation getting less information and having less of a chance to intercept the next, i'm not just talking about putin here, obviously. but i'm talking about a terrorist event. >> look, collecting intelligence is actually a servant of policy. and policy makers want information but they also want you to require the information in a way that doesn't create greater risk, political diplomatic risk for them. erin, as you suggest, it's veclr that nsa policy masters have pulled them back. they're less aggressive than they have been in the past. now, this is not that exc
. >> reporter: in closing arguments thursday, kennedy's defense argued common sense and the lack of evidence will tell you there's no proof she was aware she ingested the zolpidem, a generic form of ambien. kennedy testified that on the morning of the accident, she mistakenly took a sleeping pill instead of her thyroid medication on her way to the gym. dr. david benjamin, a clinical pharmacologist testified for the defense. >> she drove for a long time without having any problem at all and then it hit her like a ton of bricks. >> reporter: in her closing, prosecutor doreen lloyd insisted that kennedy must have felt drowsy or dizzy before the accident. when someone falls asleep, they get tired, they get drowsy. they rest their eyes and fall asleep. lloyd closed by referencing kennedy's own book "speak truth to power" telling the jury, you will speak truth to power and convict kerry kennedy of the crime she committed. kennedy is also the ex-wife of new york governor andrew cuomo. now, to convict her, the jury has to find that, yes, she was driving, yes, she was driving under the influence of a
sisi is still defense minister but expected to run for president they are ye. in california, the recent drought tkra*ut is given way to relent less downpours prompting moons corey evacuations and triggered mudslides and heavy flooding. >> >> they are some of america's most pressing problems - crumbling bridges, substandard airports and outdated rail roads. we'll tell you how to fix the infrastructure, and how to pay for it. we are taking the pulse of the housing market recovery ahead of the season. plus, confessions of a middle class cab driver trying to get back on the road to economic
.rime michael mckee looking at these dwindling set of options. >> you with ink russian defense economy on exports quite economy. 27% of gdp its exports. and also a big eel for the eu. the biggest trading partners on both sides. the list that who russia exports and imports from, the eu. it is at the top, way ahead of anyone else. anything they do to russia, the russians can do to them. that is why you see relook ends to really commit to something like this. the united states plays almost no role, no trade or russian relations that matter. the other issue, that exports of gas. they now have a northern pipeline. they can go around if they cut that off. the europeans do not want to lose them. a longer-term issue because they have a mild winter they have very mild stocks. if this were to go on for a long time, it would be a problem for europe and russia. >> we solve the benchmark index go down. to what degree did those developments exact a price on russia? >> they are exacting a price. this hurts the banks. they could be in big trouble. the russian central bank raised interest rates seven p
multiple screams coming from his home. he claims it was self-defense because he thought she was an intrud intruder. the hearing was delayed after a television station violated courtroom rooms. >>> we're look to look at the weather. march cold continues to grip a good deal of the country. the first official day of spring is only about two weeks away. winter weather is expected to stick around for the foreseeable future. the great lakes are more than 99% frozen. that is the most this season. >> a cold rain is not dampening the mood in the big easy. umbrellas and rain coats lined the parade route and tens of thousands are expected to gather in the french quarter for the more lively portion of celebrations. of course the party is over tomorrow, the beginning of lent. >>> the oscars are over but everyone is still talking about the impromtu pizza party that ellen hosted. she went around the audience collecting tip money for the delivery guy and invited him on her show yesterday to pay up. >> so you left before -- i wanted to give a tip and i passed pharrell's hat around and i ended up getting a
. meantime, defense secretary chuck hagel is advising caution. >> this is a time for careful, wise, steady leadership. the tensions increase, and i think all nations have to be very careful here of not promoting anymore tension through provocative actions. >> joining me now from the white house, nbc's peter alexander. here in studio, nbc political analyst jonathan alter. good to see both of you. first to you, peter. we know the white house briefing was cancelled because of weather. we also know there is plenty going on inside the white house as it relates to ukraine. what do we know about the options they are considering there? >> obviously, we know secretary of state john kerry will be dispatched to the center of this crisis, ukraine, kiev specifically. over the last several days, senior administration officials, the president, have been involved in communicating and trying to get everybody onboard and united. g7 nato leaders, european allies. as a senior administration official described to us right now, as the u.s. considers this sort of economic assault on russia right now, in the word
down at a big rate, a big drop in children ages two to five. the defense democratic plan to go scale back the u.s. military, that has people in pakistan living in fear. >> the aljazeera morning news continues and del is right back with you in just two minutes. >> an ultimatum from the white house, the new approach to getting out of afghanistan. >> it was not safe to keep my children in that area. they were discretioned due to hovering drones. >> the defense department planning to down size america's military, striking fear in the hearts of some in pakistan. employers refusing to hire anyone who smokes. >> please, somebody tell me he's alive. >> this woman watches at her husband dies, that case head to go court. >> we are seeing sentencinging now in the murder trial in the lee rig by case. a british soldier brutally killed on the streets of london last year. both men charged convicted of murder two months ago could be facing life in prison. we are outside the courthouse in london where both men are now awaiting sentencing. phil, we hear there is a heavier police presence outside the c
. here, too. what about the dark castle? you call that defense?! come on! [ female announcer ] watch live tv anywhere. the x1 entertainment operating system, only from xfinity. >> good morning to you. welcome back to al jazeera america. thousands of secret document from bill clinton's presidential library in the dome april. first a look at the temperatures. >> we'll have a wide range of numbers. we'll feel the heat building. temperatures soaring into the request 70, and -- into the 70s, and 80s. contrast that where we stand in minneapolis. it feels a lot colder. if you step outside it feels like we are stepping at mines 20. windchill warnings in place. that will last early this afternoon. bundle up. temperatures here across the upper midwest ranging from 30 to 50 degrees. arctic air has not gone anywhere, it's cold across the north-east. 28 in cleveland and across the south. here is where the warmth lies. we have the temperatures in the low 50s. a little on the warm side. highs near 80. >> thank you. >> 911 calls from the traffic jam at the george washington bridge in new jersey were made
attack helicopters. the defense minister says 6,000 additional russian troops have arrived here. all of this after president obama warned russia not to intervene in ukraine. >> the united states will stand with the international community in affirming that there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. >> in crimea's capitol, the pro-russi pro-russian gathers pace. anyone that disagrees, says the prime minister, should leave. just along the boarders and frontier with ukraine, russia continues one of the biggest military enterprises since the fall of the soviet union. president putin is now to show their strength to the world. the streets of crimea are calm. the votes here to decide who should rule has been brought until the end of the month. within weeks, crimea, always pro-russian could be free of ukrainian rule for good. give in to what it calls russian provocation and it's troops are ready to head back if necessary. i don't think there's a strong chance of any clash with russian troops. but it's a focus of a battle of wills now between east and west. >> bill for us
maintain ready, modern and capable defense forces to address any threats we might face, including threats from terrorism and cyberattacks. it funds humanitarian and diplomatic efforts in syria, supports transition and reform throughout the middle east and north africa, and advances our strategic rebalancing toward the asia-pacific region. it enhances stability and creates new markets for u.s. businesses with investments in power africa and promotes peace and security by supporting global health care and addressing climate change. and it strengthens oversight of intelligence activities and enhances the protection of u.s. diplomatic facilities and personnel overseas. the budget also ensures we continue to meet our obligations to our troops and veterans who have given so much to our country. to deliver on this commitment, it provides significant resources to support veterans' medical care, help military families, assist soldiers transitioning to civilian life, and reduce veterans' homelessness and reduce disabilities claims backlogs so our veterans receive the benefits they have earned. it a
aliens. they had to leave their homes in the western defense zone. and for putting camps surrounded by barbed wire range interior and not charged with anything in particular. when i read an article about african-american and jewish civil rights organizations, an article by cheryl greenberg talking about the issue had passed unnoticed to them. i was curious what the reaction would be here and i expected to find that the jewish community in civil rights issues would have spoken out here because unlike the jewish community in new york for -- japanese-americans were not an abstraction, they were their neighbors and were familiar with them. the community had a commitment, a public commitment, speaking out against what they call prejudice. it was a non reaction and in order to understand the significance of it you have to understand the content. the first thing to understand is as policy started to take shape and it took shape in february and march of 1940 through the spring, japanese-americans living in that area were rounded up and put in temporary camps near large cities and force subs
, and they had to leave their homes if they lived in what was called the western defense zone. so they were removed and put in camps surrounded by barbed wire in the interior, and they were not charged with anything in particular. i got interested in this issue when i read an article about african-american and jewish civil rights organizations, an article by sheryl between burg, talking about how -- greenberg, talking about how the issue had passed unnoticed to them. and they were in new york city, right? the headquarters were. so i got curious about what the reaction would be here, and i expected to find that jewish community because of the involvement if civil rights issues would have spoken out here because unlike the jewish community in new york, for those who lived here, japanese-americans weren't an abstraction, they were their neighbors. they were familiar with them, and the community had a commitment, a public commitment to speaking out against what they called prejudice in all its forms. a lot of the reaction was really a nonreaction, and i think in order to understand the signific
, on trial for the shooting of his girlfriend. defense attorneys cross examined a witness who described hearing a woman scream and then heard gunshots. he said he shot his girlfriend by mistake, thinking that she was a burglar. we want to turn back to our coverage of the ukraine, the white house keeping close tabs on russia, trying to see what it will do with troops in ukraine. there's word sanctions could come soon for russia along with economic aid for ukraine. lisa stark is in washington, what are we hearing from the white house? >> the white house just announced it is working with congress to provide $1 billion, a billion dollars in loan guarantees to ukraine to help cover energy costs. it's part of a package of financial assistance that the u.s. and the international community are working to try to provide to that country to restore economic stability there. john kerry, the secretary of state has arrived in kiev, the capitol of ukraine for his series of meetings. >> president obama called his national security council together to discuss how to deal with the events unfolding in ukr
by congress. you have seen an increase in spending and asking for fresh spending on defense issues in spending.n of fresh if you look at our stores on nutrition, health for low income families, housing -- those types of things. the budget is a way to reach forward with continued funding. the new stories, the earned credit, the child tax credit, that is news coming out of the budget. host: any thoughts on the differences between cuts and reforms, what she brought up earlier? guest: that is a great point because cuts, are, of course, cuts. what republicans are trying to is not the cast as the party of coldhearted budget-cutting. ryan struggled with this is a issueskesman on poverty for the last several years. republicans are trying to talk about poverty reform. and ryan talks about the importance of job training and work for these programs. reform case for broader -- is that breaking through for republicans? it is difficult to say. i do not think so, yeah a lot of ways. there,hen you are out you hear questions like hers, is this just budget cuts. parties are both trying for reform. is purelyent'
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